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Need IT Solutions?


YSAT Solutions consists of highly qualified technical and administrative staff to ensure exceptional performance on all projects and contracts. YSAT Solutions provide information technology services as well as providing highly qualified technical resources for short-term and long-team needs. YSAT Solutions have an outstanding reputation in the industry, but also an impressive record of customer satisfaction and the ability to meet our client’s challenges and deadlines.


YSAT Solutions provides a wide range of information technology solutions; this means that we must strive to keep ourselves on the cutting-edge of the technology scene. Our focus on continuous training, sharing project experiences through our intranet-based Knowledge Management System and building a learning culture at IT equips our consultants, project managers and developers with in-depth knowledge of core technologies and processes. At YSAT Solutions, we have always believed in this axiom and have endeavored to acquire a strong conceptual and technical understanding of core underlying technologies that benefit our clients.


Since our inception, we have followed a deliberate growth strategy. The foundation of this strategy is an uncompromising commitment to hiring team-oriented, customer-focused professionals who deliver quality services at a favorable and competitive price. We recognize the contributions of every team member in delivering the highest quality technical services. Over the years this strategy has enabled us to develop a long list of satisfied clients, and grow into an economically viable business.

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