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Quality Assurance and Testing

QA and software testing services aim to ensure that software fully meets its requirements and user expectations. YSAT Solutions full-range QA services within deadlines to help our customers deliver high-quality software in quick releases.

QA Outsourcing

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YSAT Solutions can take charge of the entire quality assurance process by providing the following services:
Designing a QA strategy and a test plan.
Analyzing the relevancy of test automation for the project and calculating its ROI.
Building all relevant testing activities into the SDLC and performing them.
Providing regular test reports and reports on the QA team’s performance.
Managing the testing team and enhancing its performance

Managed Testing Services

YSAT Solution's testing team is managed by your in-house QA manager. Our test engineers take over a part or the whole scope of testing activities, including:
Setting up a test environment.
Preparing test data.
Developing test cases.
Executing tests.
Submitting and describing defects in a defect tracking system of your choice.
Providing regular test reports and reports on the QA team’s performance.

Graphic Designing
Information Technology

One-Time Testing

YSAT Solutions testing team goes for a single round of testing activities that can include:
Functional Testing.
Compatibility Testing.
Localization testing.
Performance Testing.
Usability Testing.
Security testing.

QA Consulting

YSAT Solutions QA consultants help eliminate QA process constraints, achieve higher QA maturity and efficiency by providing the following services:
QA process setup
QA process audit and improvement.
QA consulting to obtain software, process, or QA maturity certifications.
Test automation consulting and setup.
Consulting on testing a specific software type (e.g., IoT, big data, SaaS software).
Performing relevant testing activities.
Training the in-house QA team.

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